This page is very old and out of date and is left here for archival purposes. Please go to the main Xfractint page for more information and downloads.

Please note: If you already have an older version of Xfractint installed, these files will overwrite the previous files of the same name.

For either install method, it would be best to be logged in as root, or su to root. The file permissions are set properly so that any regular users can run Xfractint.

At the command line prompt:
Move or copy the file to the root directory (top-most directory - otherwise known as '/').
If you downloaded the bzip2 version:
  Type "bunzip2 -v xfrac20.2.04-bin.tar.bz2
  Then type tar xvf xfrac20.2.04-bin.tar
If you downloaded the gzipped file:
  Type "tar xvzf xfrac20.2.04-bin.tar.gz".
All files will be extracted and installed in the proper directories.

Using your favorite archiver program:
Make sure you extract the files to the root directory ('/'). The full path-names are saved in the archive files, so all files will be extracted and installed in their proper directories.

TO RUN: Type 'xfractint' at the prompt in your xterm window. (See the xfractint man page for options you can use at the command-line.)

(or what they don't tell you in the various docs for Xfractint):

This isn't guaranteed to work on your computer. Your milage may vary. No Microsoft products were used in the production of this Website.

This pre-compiled, binary version of Xfractint 20.2.04 was created by Scott D.Boyd. (sdboyd56 at yahoo dot com)
The original Unix/X port was done by Ken Shirriff (shirriff at eng dot sun dot com).
Xfractint was updated to Fractint 20.2.04 by Tim Wegner, Jonathan Osuch, and others.
Fractint is Copyright (C) 1990-2002 by The Stone Soup Group.
Fractint may be freely copied and distributed but may not be sold.
See help within Fractint or Xfractint for much more information.
See the main Fractint website for more information.
This page is © Copyright 1999 - 2007 by Scott D. Boyd and was most recently modified on 4-10-07.