Information on the 2Wire 1701HG Gateway/DSL modem

I have put this info on my Website because at the time that I got this DSL modem, most of the info was not readily available online. Also, there is no information available about using it with Linux, but it's not difficult to do so. In August 2007, my model 1701HG Gateway died, so I bought a "factory refurbished" 2Wire gateway locally, and it's a slightly different model - 1800 HG. (Looks the same, but slightly different software on it.)

Model:  1701HG Gateway Model:  1800HG Gateway
Hardware version:  2700-000433-003 Hardware version:  2700-000385-000
Current software version:  3.17.5 Current software version:  3.7.5
CPU speed:  233 Mhz CPU speed:  233 Mhz

This 2Wire DSL modem is an all-in-one box that functions as a DSL modem, broadband router, home networking hub, firewall, and a wireless access point (WAP). It has an RJ-11 phoneline jack, four 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports, a USB 1.1/1.0 port and a power port. It's also running a simple Web server (httpd).

It's apparently running an embedded version of Linux. Here's an example of the syslog from the modem.

The router IP address is (This address was the one bit of crucial information that I needed to get my Linux desktop PC working with this modem.)
I used this same IP address as a DNS nameserver in my Linux computer. - (in /etc/resolv.conf)
I also put "" in my /etc/hosts file.
There are no other ways to get into the operating system on the modem that I'm aware of.

Here's some handy URL's to know:

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